Why Should I Order My Spoiler Already Painted?

blog04When you’ve finally decided on the right rear spoiler or wing for your vehicle, it can’t arrive quickly enough. Then, you want it to be ready for installation as soon as possible so you can begin enjoying the benefits of it. Because we understand this, we offer the option of ordering spoilers pre-painted by our manufacturers before shipping. Based on customer feedback and experiences relayed to us, we strongly recommend you consider choosing this option, for these very good reasons: The spoiler comes out of the box ready for installation.The paint match is guaranteed.The slight additional cost for painting is an incredible value.We save you the trouble of finding a paint shop to do the work.


“Before choosing this (unpainted) option, please note that it’s unlikely that a local body shop will be able to paint a single spoiler for a lower price, as well as guarantee factory quality. Choose this option only if a body shop is painting other areas of your car. Ordering an already painted spoiler is the recommended option.”

While the arrival time of a pre-painted spoiler may be delayed by several days to complete the process, we find customers typically end up waiting longer for their body shop of choice to “get around” to completing the same task – small spoilers are easily stacked in a corner and forgotten about. Many shops figure they’ll squeeze it in between jobs, but pressure from insurance companies to complete other repairs often carries more weight – especially when those insurance companies are paying for a rental car until the insured’s vehicle is completed.

Our spoiler manufacturers keep the painting charge very competitive. It’s easy to presume a body shop can be found to do the job cheaper, but in reality that’s often not the case. In a random sample we did of 10 spoilers from 5 different manufacturers ( JKS, Pure, Dawn, T5i, and D2S), the average additional charge for the paint work was just under $100 (the precise calculation was $98). Factor in your travel and fuel expenses (2 round-trips to and from the paint shop) and we seriously doubt that this price can be beat.

Becablog05use of their expertise with spoilers, our manufacturers will also ensure that the product is “paint ready” before the spray guns come out. Fiberglass, ABS plastic, urethane, and even carbon fiber materials are highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting, but they will sometimes have minor imperfections that need correcting by specialists experienced with these materials. On this note, we encourage you to read our related article regarding installation of body kits to get a general idea of those inherent issues.